Manufacture Process Work Flow

Technical Characteristics and Applicability

Adopting & innovating traditional methods on bimetal pipeline, such as Hydromantic, explosion, cold drawing, our new technology -- called “Mechanical Spinning Insert combining technology(MSI)” with automatic production line, obtained patent for invention; (Patent#:ZL 2010 1 0517432.1、 ZL 2009 2 0233533.9、 ZL 2012 2 0645769.5), achieved international advanced Level. CRA lined steel pipe (Mechanical CRA steel pipe) applies two kinds of different materials mechanical property: the elasticity deformation range of external base pipe (carbon steel pipe) to match low strength yield of lined pipe’s(stainless or other CRA pipe).Under spiral extrusion forced by spinning pressure tools, lined pipe is in partial moulding and continuously deformation while external base pipe is kept with the elasticity deformation range all the time. After the external force eliminated, elasticity of external base pipe is shrunk back and lined pipe can’t be shrunk since it has been moulded so the external surface force of lined pipe tightly match the surface of base of pipes and forming just finished.

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